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The new Gambling State Treaty is in the starting blocks and whirls the online gambling industry already confused confused.

Soon it should give official casino licenses in Australia and legalize online casinos. Below we explain everything important to the planned state treaty and looking for answers: are there soon in Australia 100% Legal Best Casinos Or will this version fail?

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The new De Gambling State Treaty from July 2023

The new regulation for deutsche Best Casinos is not effective yet. In the current form, the regulation will probably never be adopted. Operator from online casinos still need to hold on to the current version if you want to receive a license in July. Here is a short overview of the planned measures:

Quick overview of the new Gambling State Treaty
Monthly loss limit1.000€
Duration per game roundmine. 5 sec round
PauseAfter 60 minutes at least 5 min break
GOer protection measuresand
Protection against money launderingand
Central player databaseYes (controversial)
Domain extension.from
PaymentsNo prepaid cards anymore
Live Casino & TischspieleNo, later about gamebanks
Data encryptionSSL-CERTIFIFY
Certified machines by:eCogra, Tech Labs

The way from online casinos into legality - the stations:

Since 2004, the legislator has been trying to regulate online gambling in Australia. So far, all regulatory attempts at the disagreement of the federal states have failed. Here is an overview of the regulatory stations of Online casinos and gambling on the way to legality:

July 2023: New regulation or renewed bankruptcy?

January 2023: Federal countries strive for individual regulations

Although the new draft regulatory design for the time being considered meaningful, comprehensible and rational, the Critique of well-known institutions shaken at the backbone. It is clear that some federal states want to go their own ways - according to the role model and success of Schleswig-Holstein. Whether there will soon be special online casinos for, for example, Bavaria, remains to be seen.

October 2023 - The end of the inconsistency?

A New gambling contract is announced. With him, clarity and uniformity in the Australian lucky landscape will have a collection. Thus, however, for casino providers Partly drastic changes connected. More control, easier locks and a central database are central points of the new regulation. Online casinos that stick to the new regulations will get an official Australian lucky license and continue to work in Australia. All others can then only call for the freedom of services of the EU - but do not get an official license.

2019 - Software developer and payment service providers go back for the time being

The big names of the online gambling in Australia Mercury, Novoline, PayPal and Visa are due to the unclear location for the time being from the market. Although the market continues to be unregulated, Federal Ministries will continue to continue against online casino providers. Of course, without success, because the European freedom to provide services allows providers to offer online gambling in Australia. Finally, payment service providers are targeted and therefore praise the market as a precautionary regulation until a final regulation is.

2018 - still no uniform regulation in Australia

After there was a change in government in Schleswig-Holstein, it was with the Alone conclusion. However, a uniform regulation for the Australian market was still not in sight. Casino players act in a kind of gray zone, in which online gambling is not legal, but not punishable. Still is unclear how and when it becomes a uniform regulation in Australia. So Current licenses until 2023 extended.

2012 - GUIDE SPIELZZEN from Schleswig-Holstein

Schleswig-Holstein awards a limited number of own licenses for online casinos and sports betting suppliers. As regulation now agrees with the EU laws, those who live in this state can only register with a casino provider who has a lucky license from the Ministry of Schleswig-Holstein. At the same time, a new Gambling State Treaty decided, but who has central legal weaknesses. Licensing was challenged and ultimately declared illegally. The well-known gambling gray zone has arisen - There is a regulated and unregulated market.

2011 - Schleswig-Holstein's solo

After the countries are repeatedly failing to find a uniform regulation for gambling providers, it decides State of Schleswig-Holstein for a solo And for the exhibition of my own lucky licenses. Casinos with such a license are officially legal in Australia. Private providers are permitted in the market and may be legally offering gambling with a valid license. That the draft works from 2011 shows years later in Australia.

2008 - Australia's regulation not EU compliant

Submit Complaints and lengthy negotiations If the European Court refuses the applicable regulations on the online gambling in Australia as not EU compliance. Over time, Australia is prompted several times to adjust the laws accordingly.

2004 - The first gambling State Treaty in Australia

On 1 July 2004 occurs in Australia the first state treaty for gambling law in force. This provides a state monopoly. At the same time, a law template for freedom to provide services in the EU ensures that Australia must tolerate casino providers with EU license. Licensing authorities such as those in Malta and Gibraltar are founded and start to exhibit their own lucky licenses for casino providers.

1994 - Microgaming opens the first online casino "The Gaming Club"

Other companies attempted to open online casinos. Poker also joined quickly to the game offer. Almost at the same time the Concept of today's welcome bonus Developed.

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Current legal situation for online casinos in Australia

As mentioned earlier, players from Australia are currently moving in a legal gray zone. Until Schleswig-Holstein, all federal states prohibit playing in online casinos that have no Australian license. However, in the European Union The freedom to provide services and since Australia is part of the EU, the freedom to provide services is also valid in this country.

Thus, players may register in an online casino that has no Australian, but a European lucky license. So it is not really legal, but not illegal to sign up in online casinos with EU license. This unexplained location is nothing new. Since 2004, the federal states have been trying to find uniform regulation. At first glance looks like it was finally time in 2023. However, the new State Treaty has some problems that still need to be resolved:

  1. A central player database will probably not be agreed with the European Privacy Policy.
  2. Type and height of the taxes are unclear. If the taxes are too high, gambling is neither for players nor providers Attractive and illegal providers, the path is paved.
  3. The federal states are disagree on how to continue. Some countries want a fair regulation, as they are currently in Schleswig-Holstein. Other writing player protection so great that games will become unattractive.

The federal states still have time to work out for all acceptable solution. Whether all questions can be solved by July 2023 remains to be seen.

Why have Merkur and Novoline withdrawn from the Australian market?

Despite the fact that due to the Freedom of services of the EU Online casinos in Australia are not illegal, the popular software providers have decided not to offer their casino games in Australia anymore. The reason for this is Australian law, the gambling providers who own a European, but not Australian license, many stones set in the way.

Why is there no more visa in some casinos?

Although online gambling in Australia is not illegal in Australia according to EU law, it is not legal according to the law of Australia. So the payment service provider has been visa Bent the pressure of the Australian authorities And his partner banks invited not to work with online casinos without Australian license.

Always the latest news about the legal situation for online casinos in Australia

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All facts in short form for the new Gambling State Treaty

On 1 July 2023 the new Gambling State Treaty enters into force and brings a whole series of changes. Online gambling providers can be officially applied for a Australian license from DA to a Australian license and operate all legal nationwide. In order to give you an overview of what changes for gambling fans, we have put together the future regulations for online gambling at a glance:
  1. License: While gambling providers can operate legally with a Australian license in the future, those who do not have such a license may not operate online casino in Australia. In case of infringement law enforcement is possible. In addition, these online casinos may only be very limited advertising.
  2. Strict loss limits: A Legal Casino Australia must ask players to set a monthly limit at the application. This is limited to 1,000 euros. In this frame, players can set the limits as desired. To check the cash flows, an authority is commissioned.
  3. Exhalive player protection: Minors will not be allowed to register in the online casino as before. In addition, a lock file should be created, the players with problem-like game behavior should identify faster and to hold them from the registration in further online casinos.
  4. DE domain obligation: Legal online casinos are also in the future only those who have a ".de" extension in their domain. At the same time, players are no longer allowed to log in to several online casinos. It will be all the more important to look closely if you select a Legal Best Casino Australia.
  5. GOing and assignments: Significant changes await you also in the selection of casino games. Only online slot machines may offer casino operators. All other games and live casino games are prohibited against it. In addition, the maximum use per shoot may not play more than 1 Euro during the slot. On top of that there are pauses of at least 5 seconds between the individual rotary breaks.
  6. Renaming: Forbidden, it is for online casino as well as to call themselves as "casino" in the future. This leads to rename a variety of gambling providers. So z.BSP is called. CasinoClub recently slotclub and other providers such as the Karamba Casino will refrain from the second part of their name in the future.

The transition phase

Even if the new Gambling State Treaty will enter into force until early June 2023, Must online gambling providers who want to be legal, now keep to the rules. Only then do you have the chance of lucky license from Australia. Most of them already does that and implement the specifications in their current offers.

How do you recognize a legal online casino?

Legal online casinos are clearly at one Casino License of an established and strict gambling authority to recognize. This includes, for example, the Malta Gaming Authority. If there is a current lucky license, then it can be assumed that an online casino is serious and the EU service freedom is subject. This changes from 1 July 2023, but this is currently the state of affairs.

Casino regulatory authorities

For a long time you could have legal online casinos at a license of Four most important European gambling authorities Recognize: Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, UK Gaming Commission and Isle of Man GSC. Online casinos that were licensed there had to meet strict requirements and documents of the EU's freedom of services.

The Licenses of the MGA have together that you tied to strict conditions are. Thus, security and player protection must be in the foreground at the Malta Casinos and it must be ensured that gambling companies always have enough capital to pay out all the profits. Whether an online gambling provider also holds on all rules and requirements in the long run, is constantly controlled by independent auditors.

Curacao Casinos: Online casinos licensed in Curacao had to No too strict requirements meet the license. Therefore, caution is always attached here. Such gambling providers are not automatically dubious, but it is important to look for further characteristics for the seriousness. Mostly bitcoin casinos have a Curacao license, as no bitcoin payments are possible within the EU.

How to recognize illegal casinos

There are also clear signs in illegal gambling providers that they reveal. We have put together these features at a glance:

  1. Missing casino license: As illegal or dubious, for example, online casinos are to be regarded, which do not have lucky license. Such casinos are not regulated and there is no protection for players and their money in principle. Therefore, you should leave your fingers from online game banks without luck license license.
  2. Intransparent BonusAngebote: Dubious online casinos in Australia attract new players with incredibly large bonus sums. If a bonus offer seems easy too good to be true, he is often that too. Look exactly, because in the bonus conditions, how well a bonus really is. Understandable and fair should be the conditions and offer a real chance to free the bonus money.
  3. GOer opinions: It is worthwhile to investigate the experiences of other online casino players. If a gambling provider has bad reviews and reviews, then you should look for another online casino australia.
  4. Simple website: If a casino provider is on fraud, he will not spend much effort in the presentation and design of a casino side. Scammers expect to be caught earlier or later anyway and restrict themselves in every respect only to the essentials.
  5. Bad or non-existent support: If nobody is asked by the service employees of a casino or there is no possibilities at all, be careful. Again and again, questions or difficulties can emerge and legal online casinos strive to provide players and interested parties of versatile and comprehensive service offers.

Do you have to pay for gambling profits taxes?

Are in Australia Taxable profits in the online casino? The answer is: Jein. Basically, players do not have to pay taxes for their casino profits. However, only when it comes to occasional profits and if it is really about online gambling. The federal states agree that players who Online gambling as a hobby operate, not obliged to tax your profits are.

Taxes fall if the following three aspects apply:

1. The player regularly participates in the online gambling.
2. The player achieves regular profits.
3. From gambling gains, the player denies his livelihood.

An exception is from these rules: If the profits will be created and interest rates, then there is a tax liability for these interest rates.

What exactly is gambling?

Just Wins from gambling are tax-free for hobby players. But how exactly will online gambling define? The decisive depart is "coincidence". Games that are based on random and where the player can not influence with his ability can count as gambling. This concerns online slots, but also, for example, roulette and even poker.

Sales tax of Australian casinos

Until January 1, 2015 was the Sales tax for gambling companies Only due in the country in which the company was based. No wonder that numerous companies had their headquarters in countries where casino games are tax-free or only a small tax rate is due. This has passed since 2015.

According to the law change, sales tax is now due wherever the players are resident. For online casinos, this means that they are subject to the relevant local tax regulations and the respective reporting requirements in each EU country in which they operate.

The legal situation in the federal states

The Australian federal states are currently working on one Uniform Gambling State Treaty. This should Clarity in the confusing law landscape bring. Unfortunately, the federal states are still not in many ways.

This means that it is conceivable that some federal states also formulate country-specific regulations in the new State Treaty and that the uniformity is still in far away. It remains to be hoped that a solution is found, which benefits players, and at the same time has no shrinking to online casino providers.

❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Legal Internet Casinos in DE

On we have tested countless online casino providers and make you Best legal online casinos. With us you will discover gambling providers, where your money is safe and who have a lot of benefits for gambling fans to offer. How to save the search for the best gambling offers and quickly enter the world of casino games.

Currently the Legal situation in Australia not really clear. On the one hand, in the EU licensed online casinos according to Australian law, their games are not offered in Australia. On the other hand, the EU's case law indicates that the freedom to provide services are concerned in all associated countries, which also concerns online casinos.

Am July 1, 2023 The new Gambling State Treaty enters into force. This is the Future requirements for an official Australian lucky license defined. One can clearly determine: With the new state contract, many changes and partly significant limitations come to legal online casinos and luckyers.

So far, no regulatory authority was determined, The gambling provider licensed and controlled in Australia. This should happen in a timely manner. The authority should act as a centralized and common gambling authority and monitor the gambling activities in Australia.

Although Australia prohibits EU-licensed online casinos, the freedom to provide services for online casinos at the same time applies in the European Union. This means that in Australia at the same time is legally and illegal to sign up in the online casino. Gambling fans do not have to worryWhen you log in to the Internet Casino - you do not have to expect punishments.