Gambling Apps: Another complaint against Apple

Again this is Technology company Apple sued in the USA been. The collection claim submitted to the California District Court is allegedly illegal apps around online casino games found in Apple's App Store. The tech giant, as "Unlizenziertes Casino"Act. This is not the first action against Apple, which is about illegal applications in the App Store. In January this year, another complaint was filed with free social casino applications. These should also Illegal online gambling enable.

Also Google for casino apps in court

The legal situation in the US is complicated - More complicated than in Australia. Each state elects its own way in legislation in many cases. What is legal in a place can be illegal in the neighboring state. This does not look different with gambling.

Not only Apple, but also the company Google was recently sued for apps that Social-Casino-Spiele to offer. In March of this year, an appropriate lawsuit was entered in the USA. Google had in his App Store among other things Gambling applications of the manufacturer Zynga On offer, with which users got access to online casino games.

Apps from Doubleu in the App Store inadmissible?

Apple is accused in the indictment Casino-Apps to offer the software developer DOUBLEU in the App Store. These are applications that parat casino-like games. These are concrete with so-called free-to-play apps with which users are table games and GO slot machines can. According to the indictment, these apps are gambling, forbidding half of the US states.

The principle of Doubleu's apps is based on players at the beginning of virtual credits, so-called "CoinsOr "Tokens", to get. These then set them on slot machines or table games. If the game money is used up sometime, users of the apps can buy new credit with their own money by performing in-app purchases. Apple earns up to 30 percent of the amount at each transaction.

No real money gains possible

Despite the merits of Apple and Doubleu, the players go empty with the apps. Although you use real money to buy more game credit, you can not achieve real money gains. There is no money, but additional playing time. The indictment states that the fact that the transaction of the amount of money to gain additional playing time is violated against the Anti-Gambling Act, which applies in 25 US states.

In the lawsuit against Apple is also from "devastating"The speech that can bring such apps. You could make users addictive. In 2019, players in the US have lost more than 3.5 billion euros with such free-to-play applications. It would come up to 90 percent of all revenue from just 3 percent of users who were made aware of the apps using bonus offers.

Degree: Apple as a pioneer for casino apps

Among other things, the Tech company accuses the indictment of creating ideal conditions for companies such as Doubleu, which offer their partly illegal applications in the App Stores. Apple would allow, promote, promote, promote the illegal gambling gambling, promote, and then benefit from it.

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