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Apple Pay as a payment method in the online casino. The Technik Grand Group Apple now leads a range of successful products in streaming and consumer electronics. Now there is a separate payment service. With Apple Pay, it is possible to pay in shops and now also in online casinos.
The best Apple Pay Best Casinos Australia 05/2021
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Casinoin Casino.5/5To 200€* Bitcoin Casino, Good Games Provider, Top Live Casino GO
Boom Casino4/5To 500€* Many Slots, Jackpot Games, ApplePay Best Casino GO
Kingbilly Casino5/5To 1.000€* 200 free spells, providers with ApplePay payment method GO
N1 Casino5/5To 400€* Live casino, table games, many payment methods GO
Lucky Days Casino4/5To 1.000€* Many slot games, staggered bonus, many free spins GO
Mr. Bit Casino5/5To 500€* Video Poker Games, ApplePay as Casino Payment Method GO
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Create Apple Pay Account

Who wants to use Apple Pay, needs this No separate app. Instead, the payment service can be unlocked with a few steps in the Apple ID. The only requirement: A device is needed by Apple. A shortcut to another account outside the Apple cosmos is not possible.

Therefore, only owners can iPhone, iPad or other MacOS device use the service. Within Apple Pay, credit card or bank details can be easily deposited, so payments by direct debit are possible. Android, Windows or other operating systems can not use Apple Pay.

Deposit credit card or bank account

To use Apple Pay when shopping, whether online, in Apple Pay Casinos or shops, payments must be authorized with the bank account or credit card first. For the use of Apple Pay, this process has to go through only once. The authorization is handed hand in hand with instructions of the house bank or credit card institute.

As a rule, the process is supported with telephone feedback, which promises a tremendous degree of security. The financial service provider is ed by phone. During the call, all necessary data will be adjusted and the payment method is quickly unlocked within a few minutes.

Immed with Apple Pay in the online casino

Deposits with Apple Pay are easy, fast and safe. These three properties are among the core aspects of a good payment instrument. For deposits, players only need a device from Apple, for example an iPhone, one Apple Watch Or another device with MacOS as operating system and Apple ID. The payment process is passed from the casino. All steps are easy to follow and intuitively designed. GOers enter the desired sum in the amount field and thus introduce the payment process. Thereafter, the transaction must be confirmed via one of the three security features of Apple Touch ID, Face ID (Face Detection), Password / Code. If you have successfully completed all steps, can be played directly.

Advantages and disadvantages at Apple Pay at a glance

The biggest Advantages of Apple Pay Are two aspects: On the one hand, Apple does not share the personal credit card information with the shops. Also to Apple Pay Best Casinos No data transmitted.

Basically, customers carry out a payment to Apple, which promises maximum security. The payment service for consumers always remains free of charge. Fees for the transactions are sourced by Apple from the dealer. Beste Apple Pay Casinos Like the casino club, these costs do not roll on their visitors.


  • Fast Apple Pay Casino Payments
  • Maximum safety: Credit card details are not stored in Apple Pay online casinos.
  • Payments are executed at Apple


  • Service requires an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or MacOS device.
  • Not exceeded a large area and therefore limited available

Second important aspect is the speed. Especially when depositing in the gambling segment, nobody wants to wait for the money entrance and the verification. Transactions are usually completed immediately and work according to the real-time principle: deposit quickly and play immediately. Apple then books the deposit amount from the bank or burdens the deposited credit card.

Apple Pay Best Casino Bonus

Internet casinos offer new players more and more arguments to play a few rounds of slots or place inserts on tables. Here are many providers on different actions and offers such as the Welcome bonus. Most of the offer consists of a 100% deposit bonus and free games.

In addition, some payment methods for bonus offer are not qualified, for which Apple Pay does not belong. GOers can always use Apple Pay to claim the bonus.

There one Deposit via Apple Pay free is, players have to do not worry about it. So if you want to play with a welcome bonus in the casino, you do not have to pay attention to not much to get the statement. Different with payouts of profits.

As already mentioned, gains or real money can not be paid with Apple Pay. A top Apple Pay Best Casino basically accepts more than one payment method. If in doubt, a cash-out is available by bank transfer with each provider.

Apple PAY alternatives for deposit and bonus

The Best alternatives for Apple Pay With a similar operation, the E-Wallets of Skrill and Neteller. For both variants, a customer account is required in which a credit card or bank account can be stored. Bookings then work exactly as with Apple Pay via the direct debit procedure.

The e-wallets are as compensation above all as a substitute, because with them deposits, but can also be paid and usually qualified for all bonus offers. However, a true disadvantage can be the fees. Not infrequently Internet casinos require a small fee for payment with Skrill or Neteller. Apart from that, these are the best alternatives for Apple Pay in the online casino.




❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Apple PAY

To be able to pay with Apple Pay, you need an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacOS device. Apple Pay is already included as a payment service in the operating software from these devices and must only be linked to the Apple ID. Subsequently, a direct debit method is deposited and verified by the bank. Then the service is ready! Each payment must be released via touch, face ID or by code or password, which is a large security aspect of Apple Pay.

Even if a credit card is stored in the Apple Store, for example, the data must be entered again in this application to pay with its mobile device in stores or online. Especially in view of the security, Apple Pay Perfect Performance offers. Through a fingerprint or via the touch ID and the face scan, the payment must be confirmed, so that no concern must be made during a loss of a device.

Basically, nothing speaks against a deposit in an online casino. The process is handled by the Tech Group, which will be communicated with the credit card provider or the bank. This means that no one has an insight on that the payment actually goes to a gambling provider.

Safety at Apple PAY and thus also written in Apple Pay Casino. Third and strangers have no way to launch a transaction, as always a verification of biometrics (fingerprint or touch ID), face ID (face recognition) or password or code is necessary.

Apple Pay was mainly developed for mobile use. As already mentioned, one of the basic requirements is to use the payment service to use that customers use a device from Apple, for example iPhone. The focus in the Apple cosmos is on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Only these equipment for a long time also offered security options such as a fingerprint scanner or face-ID.

That has changed in 2018. MacBooks with touch ID can also be used to pay with Apple Pay since then. Furthermore, of course, the iPad can be used to make a deposit with a mobile online casino. However, a prerequisite is that the online casino also has a mobile website so that the player can call the customer area with its mobile device.

Generally, there are no fees for terminators when paying with the Apple PAY APP. Also a good Apple Pay Casino will usually do not charge any fees for a deposit with Apple Pay. The Technology Group itself requires a fee for transactions, but this will be charged to the dealer or gambling provider.

Even if Apple Pay Casinos do not charge any fees so far, this condition can change. Depending on how big the machining costs are on the part of Apple, Internet casinos will be able to pass on or even have to pass on a small processing fee to their visitors in the future.

With the payment service, it is only possible for Australian customers to make deposits in Apple Pay online casinos. Payments are not supported. In the US, the payment service has already been expanded so far that smaller amounts between friends and family members can be sent with Apple Pay. For receiving such amounts, a virtual Apple Pay Cash card is necessary. So far, these are only available for customers in the USA.

In the future, Apple will certainly continue to work on its payment offering, so it also resembles an e-wallet in Australia, of which friends and known money can be sent. It may also be possible to pay off credit to its bank account. When and whether this range of functions is provided is not foreseeable so far.

The best casino with Apple Pay are the casinoclub, Betsson and Platinum Casino. All three providers have a variety of slot machines, fair and realistic welcome bonuses and are among the safest online casinos. The CasinoClub is our test winner and offers Apple Pay, Giropay, Klarna, Trustly and other innovative payment methods. Since Apple Pay can not be paid, many good alternatives are available for a payout.

Just like PayPal, Apple has also taken care of the highest safety standards. Payments are released with fingerprint, face recognition or password. In addition, ApplePay is coupled to the Apple ID and can only be used with devices of the same name - for example with an iPhone. Transactions are placed in an overview in the account and are also transferred to SSL encryption. Apple Pay is therefore at least as safe as PayPal.

No, Apple Pay can only be used in combination with an Apple ID and thus only with a device from Apple. An official app for Windows or Android does not exist. For Android, Google Pay is ready instead. However, there are no internet casinos that Google Pay offers.

For the use of the payment service, there are no Apple Pay accounts that users need to manage. As soon as customers get an Apple device, whether MacBook, iPhone or Apple Watch, they must open an Apple account. Only with such a personal Apple ID, which can be compared for example with a Gmail account, Apple devices can be used. To use the attached App Store, a payment method must be stored in the Apple ID.

This means that the basic prerequisites to be able to use ApplePay are performed during the first setup of an Apple device. After that, ApplePay needs to be set up unique. The credit card or a bank details are stored before ApplePay can be used. More installation or furnishings are not operated here. Customers do not have to worry about an additional account as with a PayPal account. Basically, we talk about a very safe and fast payment interface.