Bank transfer online casinos

The bank transfer is the classic and best known method, Casino payments to do. This possibility of payment has existed for decades and despite numerous modern payment methods, the bank transfer is still accepted in many online casinos. For best online casinos, both bank transfer and other payment methods are available for customers from Australia.

Top online casinos with bank transfer 05/2021
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Vulkanvegas Casino5/5To 1.000€* Free Spins, Top Support, Many Actions, Many Providers GO
Casinoin Casino.5/5To 200€* Bitcoin Casino, Good Games Provider, Top Live Casino GO
Boom Casino4/5To 500€* Many slots, jackpot games, blackjack & roulette GO
Kingbilly Casino5/5To 1.000€* 200 free spins, many payment methods, top bonuses GO
N1 Casino5/5To 400€* Live casino, table games, many payment methods GO
Lucky Days Casino4/5To 1.000€* Many slot games, staggered bonus, many free spins GO
Mr. Bit Casino5/5To 500€* Video Poker Games, Live Roulette & Blackjack Tables GO
Mine5/5To 333€* Serious provider, over 1,000 slots, VIP bonus GO
Me casino5/5To 200€* Malta License, 200% Bonus, Live Casino GO
Voodoo Dreams Casino5/5To 100€* Progressive Jackpots, Tischspiele, Live Dealer Games GO
* For all bonus offers, the terms and conditions of the respective provider apply. Click on "Enter" to learn more about the bonus conditions. Last updated from Administrator, 08.01.2023.

Our top casino providers with bank transfer:

Best bank transfer casino:N1 Casino
New casino with bank transfer:Mr. Bit
Mobile Casino with Bank Transfer:Casinoin
Bank transfer and live dealer:King Billy
Bank transfer bonus:Boom Casino
Bank Transfer Slot Casino:Lucky Days

We want to inform about the advantages of the conventional transfer, but also compare the payment method with other possibilities such as PayPal or Giropay, which have a very similar methodology to be able to transmit money to an online casino.

The advantages and disadvantages of the bank transfer

A big advantage of this payment method is that the Bank transfer so universal is that everyone knows with her white. In order to pay into the online casino, players do not have to deal with new payment methods and their functioning. Furthermore it is not necessary to create new accounts in unknown payment service providersSince the bank account is already available anyway and the bank transfer is done as usual via the house bank. Also positive to evaluate is the security a bank transfer, which does not have to be asked.

Unfortunately, the bank transfer also offers disadvantages. The biggest drawback of the payment method is clearly the duration. Because who gives a transfer commissioned may wait several days for the money to enter the account of online casinos and this credit the amount to the player account. The same applies to the payout. Again, players usually have to wait several days until the money arrives.

Another disadvantage of deposits into the online casino with bank transfer is the Use of bonus offers. This often designs this payment method as very difficult or is completely excluded. This is usually the fact that a casino bonus is often only a few days after signing up for players. However, as the bank transfer needs a few days until it is credited to the casinoconto, the bonus offer overlaps with the deposit.

In order to be able to get a bonus in the best casinos, however, numerous other payment options are offered, which are very similar to a bank transfer. Casinos my trustly. As a deposit method, for example, are best to perceive bonus offers. Also providers like PayPal, Skrill or immediately or Klarna offer paying the maximum protection of its customer data and best options for a bonus offer.

All advantages and disadvantages of the bank transfer at a glance


  • Highest safety standard and no settlement via a payment service provider.
  • No registration for service providers like PayPal and Co. necessary.
  • Payments can be transferred immediately to the bank account without having to make a detour via e-wallets. Thus, if necessary, charges are saved.


  • GOers must wait for the deposited credit for several working days, as the bank transfer must first be carried out and then has to be assigned by the online casino.
  • Often no bonus use is possible.

Benefits are also provided for bank transfers

While within Europe's thanks to SEPA consists of a kind of agreement between banks and transactions are carried out relatively quickly and absolutely safely, it can lead to difficulties for transfers in other regions. GOers should not make a bank transfer to the account of an online casinos that is not within Europe.

This is because serious casinos are based in Europe and also licensed there. An account outside of Europe, which is to be transferred, raises questions and lets you doubt the seriousness. Should it actually come to the fact that the money is not credited to the player account, then it is hard to get back his money.

❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions Bank Transfer

That should normally be the case. Online casinos know that it does not like most players if they have to discover their name on their account statements. For this reason, the recipient or sender will be entered in case of disbursements of casinoconto names that Allow no conclusion to the reason of the transfer And not be associated with online casinos.

Even if a player performs a deposit by the bank transfer, will Mostly not transferred to the casino directlybut on an account that belongs to the company. So players can easily turn on and off with their current account of the bank, without the name of the online casinos appears on an account statement.

In direct comparison with the other payment methods offered in online casinos very long. In fact, the situation with the bank transfers has improved significantly a few years ago. Banks, at least in the SEPA room, are now obliged to carry out transfers within a bank working day. Many banks are fully exploited by them, others transfer faster.

But as a player you should plan that one Transfer to the online casino is processed by the bank next working day and again a day later by the online casino is credited to the player account. For disbursements, players should expect the same periods. For a spontaneous game in the online casino, the bank transfer is therefore absolutely not suitable.

Better would be here in Best Casino with Giropay or other so-called instant payment variants to perform a deposit. Both e-wallets, as well as a deposit with the TAN method, which is offered immediately or Klarna and the already mentioned Giropay, offer the chance to promote the credit immediately on the casinoconto, so that the player can start immediately.

The casino itself rises for bank transfers usually no fees. The amount of the costs for the bank transfer depends on the terms of the bank account of a player. Many banks offer now toll-free accounts. Especially with older accounts, however, it can lead to transfer fees. These fall high, especially if they are commissioned at the switch at the bank consultant. For more detailed information on the fees of a transfer, players should look at the conditions of their account or talk to a consultant of the bank concerned.

An online casino offering the bank transfer as a deposit method also allows payouts through this method. However, it may be that the payout limits for a bank transfer are higher than the other methods available, as the effort for the casino is higher here.

Whether you get a deposit bonus when you deposit with bank transfer depends on the casino. The possibility of using a bonus offer is still given in most online casinos anyway. However, this must then be requested manually because an automatic credit is not possible due to the selected deposit method. This may be relatively complicated.