Online casinos with the best payout quotas (RTPs)

Each game in an online casino has one Payoutor abbreviated RTP (Return To GOer). The payout ratio is always stated in percent and describes which part of the use of a player is paid average again. You can not assume that the specified amount after some game rounds actually get back.
Online casinos with the best payout rates 05/2021
Top CasinosratingCasino bonusadvantagesproviders
Vulkanvegas Casino5/5To 1.000€* Free Spins, Top Support, Many Actions, Many ProvidersGO
Casinoin Casino.5/5To 200€* Bitcoin Casino, online casino with high payout ratioGO
Boom Casino4/5To 500€* Many slots, jackpot games, blackjack & rouletteGO
Kingbilly Casino5/5To 1.000€* Casino with high RTP, many payment methods, top bonusesGO
N1 Casino5/5To 400€* Live casino, table games, many payment methodsGO
Lucky Days Casino4/5To 1.000€* Many slot games, staggered bonus, many free spinsGO
Mr. Bit Casino5/5To 500€* Video Poker games, online casino with top RTP, blackjack tablesGO
Mine5/5To 333€* Serious provider, over 1,000 slots, VIP bonusGO
Me casino5/5To 200€* Malta license, casino with high payout ratioGO
Voodoo Dreams Casino5/5To 100€* Progressive Jackpots, Tischspiele, Live Dealer GamesGO
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Casinos with the best payout ratios:

Casino with highest payout rate:N1 Casino
Best RTP lock:Mr. Bit
Live Casino Highest Payout Rate:Mine
High Roller Casino High Payment:King Billy
Mobile casino with high RTP:Boom Casino
New online casino with high RTP:Lucky Days

Essential facts for the payout ratio:

  • Payout quotas between 95 and 96 percent
  • Calculation of the payout ratio by casino and game developer
  • Quotes due to game behavior
  • Not all slots with fixed payout quotas

How is the payout ratio calculated?

how We on Show the same, quite certain guidelines apply to the calculation of the payout value. To calculate the payout ratio, at least 10,000 game rounds, mostly significantly more, is based on. Finally, the payout ratio is calculated from the total distribution of these tons of game rounds. The Most slots in online casinos have payout quotas between 95 and 96%. However, there are also exceptions like Microgamings Mega Moolah (88% only) or NetEnt Jackpot 6000 (over 99%).

What does the payout ratio tell me as a player?

The payout quota shows players, how many percent of the assignments are repaid in profits in the long term become. In addition, the payout ratio, in conjunction with the payout table of a slot, gives a bit information about the volatility of a machine. Volatility describes the profit rate. The higher the volatility, the rarer but gains a player. Slots with very high payout ratio usually have a lower volatility, which means that profits appear more frequently, but smaller.

Where do you find payout rates and who calculates these?

Payout quotas are not only available from slots in online casinos, but also with all other games. So every video Poker game, every Black Jack variant and every roulette table has a certain or indefinite (later more) payout ratio. These Payout ratio is calculated on the one hand by the developer of the respective game. On the other hand, in online casinos, external and specialized in this kind of work are commissioned to check the payout ratio of the games while calculating a payout ratio that includes all games of the casino and thus indicates the total value of all payouts in this casino.

Payout quotas Selected slot developer:

  • Slots von Microgaming & NetEnt over 95 percent
  • Slots of BossMedia & Cryptologic over 90 percent
  • Slot machines on site between 60 and 70 percent

Payout quotas of different casino games

If it's about the online casino best payout, not only certain titles differ, but also Different game categories With regard to your average RTP values. We want The most popular casino games Imagine with your casino payout rate and offer an overview of the odds of winning.

Slot machines - Chance of win: 96.0% -99.0%

Often the casino game is a game for the online casino best payout online Slot. Basically, the average online casino payout ratio for slot machines is 96 percent. Many slots have Payments of more than 99 percentso that more accurate looks at look. With a high payout rate slot, the probability of achieving faster and more frequent profits. For example, the Casino bonus offer can benefit advantageous, where there are 100 free spins or the like.

European Roulette with and without La Partage - Chance of win: 97.3% - 98.65%

For many gambling fans is European roulette The best casino game at all. This is due not least to the high payout rates. The online casino payout rate in European roulette is 97.3 percent, which is one House advantage of 2.7 percent For the casino means. Even better, the chances of winning the European roulette with La Partage rule look. Here is the RTP value at 98.65 percent.

Blackjack with and without basic strategy - Chance of winning: up to 99.4%

BlackJack is an exciting card game that makes the player room for individual strategies and can go with a high win. The average blackjack payout rate in online casinos is 99.4 percent, and this is also a blackjack to play the category "online casino best payout ratio". With the so-called basic strategy, the online casino payout ratio can even be increased.

Video Poker - Chance of win: up to 99.5%

Casino Poker Games Are Casino Games that offer the online casino best payout. The online casino payout rate is when Video poker up to 99.54 percent. This leaves the gambling provider a house advantage of less than half a percent and such titles accordingly offer the best winning probabilities. Of course, depending on the video poker automat, there are differences in the RTP values, but basically the highest winning opportunities are given here.

Baccarat - Chance of winning: up to 98.8%

Baccarat is a true gambling classic And finds enthusiastic followers everywhere in the world. Therefore, this card game belongs to the standard offer in the vast majority of online casinos. The high online casino payment value also plays a role in the popularity of Baccarat. In Internet game banks, the RTP values are on average at 98.83 percent, which means a house advantage of 1.17 percent.

So the payout rate is checked in the online casino

The information on the online casino best payout is beautiful and good, but of course the question arises as to what extent the Casino RTP values can be familiar. There are good news in this regard. As well as on money makers in land-based gambling halls, payout quotas in online casinos can not be easily invented, because one Checking the specified payout quotas takes place in online casinos if they apply for a license.

The Casino Software and the associated payback values are among the factors that are checked in the context of a licensing procedure. Licensed gambling providers can therefore do not donate when specifying the online casino payout rate, which in turn means that the indication of this quota can be trusted.

GO n Go

Mega Joker Slot – 99,0%


Dragon Dance Slot – 98,0%


Rage to Riches – 97,0%

Test of the payout quotas not only in licensing

Those who like to play in the online casino should be pleased that the RTP values not only in the context of licensing, but also later repeatedly subject controls. Safe and serious online casinos work with companies that specialize in checking the online casino payout ratio. These include institutions such as Ecogra, ITech Labs and Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

Influence the payout ratio

Some games have no permanent payout, as the customers of customers affect them. Probably the best example of this is Black Jack. Anyone who does not know about the classic who plays according to gut feeling and commits mistakes that drive the payout ratio significantly down. But those who join Black Jack It deals apart and has experience that is able to minimize the house advantage with the help of the basic strategy and to screw the payout quota so much upwards.

However, variable payout rates are not only available in table games. Also Some slots have no fixed payout quotasAs the customer's game behavior also affects the quota. In most cases, these are slots that can be played with additional functions and enabled further functions.

The payout ratio is not the measure of all things

A high payout quota looks tempting, but has no influence on the upcoming game rounds in the end. Why not, you could now ask. Anyone who plays a slot in an online casino does not do this over several hours or even days in a piece and usually does not use thousands and thousands of euros. For a normal "session" on a slot, the payout ratio is not relevant, as the period and the amount set are too short to be representative.

Whereupon it is still important to the payout rate

  • Fun
  • Profitability
  • Deut hair des slots

Therefore Payout rates for players to see interesting, but not critical. Much more important when choosing a game should be different factors. First and foremost, a game must be visually, content and in the field of features. More important than the payout rate is the volatility of a slot. Each player has other preferences and so it is better to focus on the frequency of gains in choosing a slot than at the payout rate.

Conclusion on the payout rate in online casinos

The payout ratio indicates how much money will be distributed back to the players in the long run of 100%. Finding is the payout ratio for every game and as a holistic payout rate for the complete online casino. This one Calculated quota in the long run is not particularly relevant for the game rounds of individual players, but an interesting information.

In addition, you can trust the information of the payout quotes, as these are calculated by experts and checked for licensing an online casino. Some games have no specific payout ratio. You can influence the quota through the game behavior and increase the players in favor. To choose a slot or game, the payout rate should not be crucial. More important selection criteria are the fun factor and the volatility of a game.

❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Payout Rates

Portals like are dealing with the RTP values in online casinos and only present the best Among them. In principle, however, the popularity of an online casinos may indicate that the payback values are not among the worst. Because where players often win, they prefer to stay. We introduce you one List of casinos with high chance to disposal.

It is hardly possible to give a flat-rate answer. Providers both when playing the most famous and the lesser known software There are titles with very high payout values. Basically, the Slots of Netent and Microgaming For slot machines with high casino payout rates. In addition to slot machines, there is still Other casino games with high payout rates, With us you will receive all the information.

The higher the payout rate in the casino, the more often players achieve profits. Simply put, players get back in a payout rate of 99 percent 99 out of 100 Euro used in the long run. Here you will find information about Calculation of the payout ratio.

Disbursement rates from 95 percent count as well. But there are also casino games that a RTP value of More than 99 percent exhibit. It makes a big difference whether a game has an online casino payout ratio of 96 percent or 99 percent, so it is recommended to deal with the RTP values of the casino games to get the most out of the possibilities.

The payout quotas In the online casino are fundamentally much higher as in the game bench on site. This is due, among other things, to the significantly higher operating costs, which has a land-based casino opposite the online gambling provider. The lower costs can pass online casinos in the form of higher payout rates to their players.

The house advantage is the Difference between the payout ratio and 100 percent. If a casino game has an RTP value of 99 percent, the house advantage is 1 percent. It is not possible in many cases to bypass this advantage. When playing like blackjack, the player can by structured and disciplined game behavior However, the winning opportunities significantly increase.

Since these are calculated and thus defined values, the displayed Percentages are not influenced. It depends on the player themselves which tactics and strategies are important in card games. If you play carefully, informs yourself and plays with a little clever behavior on the Internet Casino, you can House advantage of casino in games, like blackjack, even completely eliminate. With the already high winning opportunities are Of course, slots depends stronger from chance, as games that can be influenced by the player itself. However, we are always advised to cautionif a player supposedly unsafe tricks and strategies want to try. Mostly, these are only stories of tailors who had good luck (or bad luck) and thus go well. To clear in an internet casino, we recommend rather The obvious advantages to use. These are a comprehensive comparison, the change between the providers and the use of a bonus. With a casino bonus Can be eliminated a high risk compared to the pub.

Not directly. But it may be that a value changes when that Portfolio des casinos. Changes and thus add new games. Even the game behavior of the customers can be variable. Check for this reason the mentioned test institutions regularlywhich pays off payment. The 10,000 game rounds for a machine are a good remedy. Most of the time they find Check once a year for the declared payout. That Especially for classics such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat. Lots GO machines, however, unchanged their RTP valueif no additional functions are available.

No. Slots are usually played by a mobile browser on the smartphone or tablet. The casino and the games are adapted to the small screen, one Additional software is not needed. At the Actual payout for games and the relevant casino Mobil changes nothing at all. This also applies to online casinos that have their own native download app. Many people are already playing only classic at the computer today. You are traveling with your smartphone and want to play a little in between. Casino providers also deliver Mobile the same RTP values. Everything else would be both confusing and unfair. The comparison and research after a good casino is mobile a bit tedious, as different aspects (like the whole terms and conditions) The big screen is easier to scare. Before the registration and deposit In an online casino, each player should have read a review. In our reviews we inform about the payout quotasBut also about promotions to enjoy a particularly lucrative and risk-free game of slots and other games on the internet.