Risk manifold in slot machines in online casinos

The Risk Manager is a gamble featurewith which small profits can be converted into great. The disadvantage is: You have to use his profit. The riskers for Merkur machines was invented. When the Internet spread, Mercury used the function for its online slots, but the manufacturer is no longer available. Provider such as Gamomat or Bally Wulff If the risk ladies still use, much more often one meets the card risk.

The 8 best online slot machines with risk control

You are looking for the best slots With Merkur riskers? We have for you The 8 best slot machines with this feature Expressed that we would like to introduce you. If you have been interested, you can familiarize yourself in the articles with the control, picking up risk tips and the Mercury riskers With our free demo version Try themselves.
List of top 8 online slot machines with risk
No.Slot machine with riskRTPFeatures
08Pharaohs Riches (Bally Wulff)96,10%Free games, scatter, wild
07Fruit Mania (Bally Wulff)96,12%Risk piel
06Book of Moorhuhn (Bally Wulff)96,12%Wild, scatter, free spells
05Sticky Diamonds (Bally Wulff)96,08%Free games, scatter, wild
04Ramses Book (Bally Wulff)96,15%Wild, scatter, free spells
03Fancy Fruits (Bally Wulff)96,09%Risk piel
02Explodiac (Bally Wulff)96,12%Wild, risk game
01Roman Legion (Bally Wulff)96,16%Wild, free spells, scatter

8. Pharaohs Riches (Bally Wulff)

7. Fruit Mania (Bally Wulff)

6. Book of Moorhuhn (Bally Wulff)

5. Sticky Diamonds (Bally Wulff)

4. Ramses Book (Bally Wulff)

3. Fancy Fruits (Bally Wulff)

2. Explodiac (Bally Wulff)

1. Roman Legion (Bally Wulff)

The best online casinos with risk

Here we have The best online casinosoffering the risk managers games in a short list summarize. If you want, you can get started right away and go to the footsteps of Merkur Games.
List of all casino reviews from online casinos Australia for 05/2021
Top CasinosratingCasino bonusadvantagesproviders
Vulkanvegas Casino5/5To 1.000€* Free Spins, Top Support, Many Actions, Many Providers GO
Casinoin Casino.5/5To 200€* Bitcoin Casino, Good Games Provider, Top Live Casino GO
Boom Casino4/5To 500€* Many slots, jackpot games, blackjack & roulette GO
Kingbilly Casino5/5To 1.000€* 200 free spins, many payment methods, top bonuses GO
N1 Casino5/5To 400€* Live casino, table games, many payment methods GO
Lucky Days Casino4/5To 1.000€* Many slot games, staggered bonus, many free spins GO
Mr. Bit Casino5/5To 500€* Video Poker Games, Live Roulette & Blackjack Tables GO
Mine5/5To 333€* Serious provider, over 1,000 slots, VIP bonus GO
Me casino5/5To 200€* Malta License, 200% Bonus, Live Casino GO
Voodoo Dreams Casino5/5To 100€* Progressive Jackpots, Tischspiele, Live Dealer Games GO
* For all bonus offers, the terms and conditions of the respective provider apply. Click on "Enter" to learn more about the bonus conditions. Last updated from Administrator, 26.02.2023.

Casino bonus for slot machines with risk

When choosing the right online casino is the casino bonus A not too negligible factor. Who likes to play with the risk ladder, goes on Higher risk One as someone who always steals his profits immediately. Often the risk is rewarded, but of course it can also be that one caught a pitch strap. In this case one can Well filled bonus account help to cushion the loss.
The most common online casino bonus is the Deposit bonus or welcome bonus, sometimes also referred to as 100% Bonus. Here is the paid-in Credit doubles and the additional amount credited as a bonus credit.

Another variant is the no deposit Bonus. This is experiencing experience smaller, but you already get him for the registration and must no deposit make.

A Bonus code can increase the balance even further, but also caution is required, because the bonus credit must be converted into real moneyby achieving a certain turnover threshold, which is often limited even time. Here you should not take over and In case of doubt rather fewer bonus credit Generate for a secure conversion.

Differences Merkur riskers to the Bally Wulff (Gamomat) Risk Manager or How does the risk ladies work?

Although the Risk Scroll of Mercury inventedBut that does not mean that other manufacturers can not improve nothing. On the contrary: Compared with Bally Wulff or Gamomat One is a much higher risk at Merkur's risk.

The construction The two is already different at first glance, because Merkur uses seven steps until the highest profitthe competition is with 13 steps twice as high and offers Two security levels each after 5 and after 10 steps. For most of the slot machines, the maximum profit is fixed and is 140 EUR (Mercury) or 150 EUR, but the higher the use, the higher you get on the ladder and may even get a security level.

The Principle of the risk is based on the Right to estimate the rhythm. For all risk conductors, there is a flashing light indicating a depth and high level. At Merkur, the lowest level is always 0, with Bally Wulff and consorts, the stages are contextual dependent and can be either at 0 or the currently secured stage.

How exactly the risk ladies determines whether you are climbing or falling, is unknown. Some assume that one Random generator in the background already predetermined the exit and the timing does not matter. This is contrary to those who claim to achieve the highest profit with enough exercise each time.

The Level By the way, are No guarantee for successbut can only sometimes prevent you from slipping at a low level. Once used, it can go down quickly until the threatening zero means the loss of complete profit. A small consolation However, there is: The security levels can be reactivated again by a recent reaching of the upper stages.

How do you get the highest profit on the risk manager?

To the Maximum profit on the risk manager On the one hand, you have to get the reach the top level And on the other hand, use the maximum on each stage. Depending on the machine, the use can also play a role, but it is also possible that, as with the real Merkur, there is a fixed limit and only at a higher level with higher inserts.

To get up, you have to in the right moment Press the button. Optimally, exactly if the higher level is enlightened and also the speaker emits a high tone. GOing with sound can be extremely useful in this matter. Who strives for the maximum profit, should definitely activate it. The safety conductors has several normal stages that are interrupted by security levels. These Safety levels are a kind of insurance. But that does not mean that you can not fall under this stage, but merely that you will be saved from the security level when falling.

Of course you can Listen to the profit at all stagesIf the risk becomes too big or you feel like stopping. The risk heads of Gamomat and Bally Wulff also offer the possibility to use only half of the money winning. This gives you at least a partial amount and is not completely empty if the highest profit can be maintained.

Risk Supplies Tips and Tricks

Be on the internet Many techniques described to trick the Mercury slots. You read from it Rythmus To exercise as well as possible or when playing In the clock of the sounds To weigh to catch exactly the right moment. We keep these risks tricks for mischiefSince there is no indications that one increases its winning opportunities so permanently. This But does not mean that there are no tips and tricks at allwho can apply.

Cleveres playing is the A and O. Here many aspects come together. One should observe his balance, can estimateWhether the slot machine "hot"Is, so in the next round a higher payment will be striven. Of course, it is almost impossible to give a 100% forecast, but especially at Slots with high volatility There are usually unique signs, for example, if often high profit symbols appear on the rolls or free clearance symbols appear more frequently. Then it is also time to use the profit conductors more often and take a higher risk, because even if no immediate reward comes, there is probably not a big hole yet.


Easy to learn to master hard. So you could best describe the riskers. Those who are always full risk and has little discipline, here is usually miserable here, but who thinks a bit, can achieve successes. Bewats, however, should one prior to loseless promises and untruths, one could achieve the highest profit every time or there would be a "infallible"Technique, because this is simply about hot air.

❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about the Risk Manager at Slot Machines

Previously, the Machine from Merkur a guarantee for risk managers. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has withdrawn from the Australian market. In his place there is now, for example, the Slots von Gamomat. Here is also often a risk manager available And in addition, many games are available online. We have for you A list of the best slot machines with risk compiled.

The classic riskers of the real slot machines had a maximum payment of 140 EUR. Of course, this only applies to the real machines of Mercury. Online slots have one certain number of stages and at each stage the amount is doubled. The Maximum profit at the risk But is also Depending on the current useso that here No flat-rate answer can be made.

Bisher hat GO'N Go No slot with risk released. Maybe there could be one in the future. Unfortunately, we do not have any information as to whether this is oriented to the Mercury-riskers or if GO'n Go rather developed something very own.

This is directly Unfortunately not possible, but In our big Mercury slot machines list find some who use this feature and the one Try free and without registration can. Even if you play with play money, the slot machine behaves identical to real money mode. So this is ideal for practicing.