User tax in online casinos reduces channeling

According to one Study of the Advisory and Research Group GoldMedia Would the Planned operational tax in online casinos To do this, the sewerage effect of the new Australian regulation at online slots is around 50 percent. The remaining players could turn to the black market.

Survey among hundreds of gambling fans

The online study of Goldmedia was commissioned by gambling companies Entain PLC (Bwin), Flutter Entertainment PLC ( and GreenTube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH (Novomatic AG). In this frame Around 600 casino, slot and poker players in Australia questioned. It has been shown that when introducing an insert tax and the associated reduction of the payout quotas, almost half of the online slots players could turn to online casinos without Australian license.

Background: The new Australian Gambling State Treaty is in the starting blocks

From 1 July 2023 the nationwide apply Regulations and specifications of the new Australian Gambling State Treaty. They bring all kinds of changes. So online casino companies that want to have a Australian luck license may In the future only online slot machines and poker to offer. Even with the deposit limits and the amount of the game missions, significant limitations apply in the future.

The aim of the new Gambling State Treaty is to channel players to the licensed and thus legal online casinos. Online casinos that want to apply for the license must have been implementing the specifications for several months and behaved fully in advance. At the same time the government decided one Operation tax of 5.3 percent on any game inserts. This pleases how the GoldMedia survey shows, by far not all gambling fans.

Lower payout ratio for many players

The survey of the service tax could have unvavorable consequences for players. For example, the taxation of the missions may cause licensed online casino providers to Payout quotas of online slots Reduce 96 percent to up to 90 percent. On the other hand, the cash rates of the casinos without license still remain on average at 96 percent.

The study by Goldmedia also shows that currently up to 75 percent of online gaming users rely on providers who are already considering future regulations. At the same time, the study revealed that players are more important than a license and the associated security aspect. The market simulation created on the basis of the collected data showed that when reducing the payout rate up to 30 percent of all players could switch to unlicent providers.

Many casinos offered with non-compliant

At a Additional research 450 online casinos were examined. It has shown that more than 400 casino offers do not comply with the requirements of the Gambling Agreement. For example, they continue to offer casino games, which are prohibited according to the specifications.

Another aspect that speaks for nonconform casinos is the bonus. Around 30 percent of the players who have changed the casino provider in recent months did this because bonus offers were missing. These are prohibited after the new regulation, while nonconformic casinos still offer numerous promotions.


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