Online sports betting in Australia - the legal situation

In Australia, interested people are wondering if online sports betting as well as horse bets on the racetrack or betting duties are allowed in one of the numerous sports betting offices. Last years there were a variety of discussions about legal competitions and the handling of illegal betting offers. Since a lot of different statements about the subjects are made, the competent does not weigh in great security. The increase in the popularity of the sports betting is due to the simple and convenient bet output on the internet. In Australia, the Gambling State Treaty regulates how to proceed with casino providers and online casino offers without having a final clear legislation. What is the legal situation on online sports betting?

The legal situation on sports betting in Australia

In contrast to online gambling, where only three online casinos have a license from Schleswig-Holstein, it looks better in sports betting. In this country, competition friends can be legal on the offers of the Online sports betting providers with license access. Any bet that is placed online at one of these betting undertakings is not objectionable from a legal point of view. This is good news for the betting friend.

An existing uncertainty depends the uncertainties the congregation of the Gambling Changing State Treaty. This should enter into force on January 1, 2018. In the still valid Gambling State Treaty, according to the legislator, it is about allowing only regulated gambling and protecting consumers from gambling addiction. Another aspect that affects politics concerns the backup of their monopoly position. Games of gambling are an attractive source of income for the state. The monitoring of online casinos is not so easy, so that our duty provider of tax legislation can escape.

No EU compliant sports betting legislation in Australia

Thanks to the European legislation, Australia is committed to the task of the state sports betting monopoly. Online sports betting providers can no longer be denied access to the Australian market under conditions. In 2012, online sports betting providers were allowed to apply for one of the 20 official licenses. EU laws, which prohibits such license restrictions, have subsequently provided that all applicants enjoyed a sports betting license. Currently, 35 sports betting providers are in possession of a license, whereby there are problems with the delivery in some federal states. Basically, other providers can apply. Some federal states like Hessen refuse an extended license.

The uncertainties also occur because sporty bets are usually summarized under the term gambling. Since online casinos, with the exception of three plants in Schleswig-Holstein providers, received no Australian-wide licenses, many competition friends think that the ban also extends to sports betting providers. This ban does not exist in this form. A legal regulation that is enforced is just as little.

Online sports betting market is growing

The sports betting market is a growth market, as a view of the development of tax revenues. While there were 84 million euros in tax revenue in 2012, these amounted to 376 million euros in 2017. There are no precise statistics on bugs. Estimates of the Australian Sports Betting Association resulted, the total assignments are likely to be around 7.5 billion euros. Good for politics is that sports competitor is the betting tax deducted to the fiscal.

Gambling addiction is a big topic in Australia. Not a few advice centers for gambling gambling think that it is just a step of sports betting to online casino. The operation of online casinos is prohibited by the Gambling State Treaty. This prohibition is likely to be largely European law compliant and constitutional compliant. In practice, Australian politics does not create that ban. However, cross-border offers can not be regulated by national altitudes.

What is the future for licensed sports betting in Australia?

At the moment it lacks regulations for sports betting. This applies at least for those that are complied with. In the Gambling State Treaty, legal and state-related regulations are made to sports betting. However, this contradicts the European law in parts. The result is that they must not come to application. At present, an unregulated sports betting range is to be assumed, in particular the providers of online sports betting be able to operate relatively free from state restrictions. However, the wart providers quite an EU-wide license, for example from Malta, Great Britain or Gibraltar. The guidelines made by the local authorities will probably meet you. Finally, there are currently no Australian regulations that you would have to pay attention.