Casino bonus conditions - the rules of the use

One thing is clear: the choice of optimal online casinos is not easy. There are many things to pay attention to - from the game selection about the Deposit options Until the Casino bonus. First of all, the latter draw many players as one of the most important decision criteria. Unfortunately, only the height of the bonus is often considered. The bonus conditions are much more crucial, because: the conditions contain the Rules for a payout And sometimes can be very sobering.

Claim the casino bonus

The Casino Bonus is especially valid for first payers, so the players who have not paid any money yet. The first deposit will be rewarded (sometimes the first three or even five deposits) with a percentage of the deposit amount up to a fixed maximum amount. A Best Casino Bonus So could be as follows:

The first deposit will be with a bonus in the amount of 100% up to a maximum of 100 euros Reward.

For the player means: he pays 100 euros, he gets a further 100 euros credited, so bankroll includes a total of 200 euros. Important is when a Casino bonus can be claimed. So the first deposit is for example Within the first seven days after registration necessary to "unlock" the bonus. In addition, players should pay attention to whether further actions, such as entering a bonus code are necessary to get credited to the bonus.

In addition to these comparatively low hurdles, however, a look at the bonus conditions or the casino Terms and Conditions is advisable, because there is further information about when a payout (after the use of the bonus) is possible. The payout conditions are always on one Transaction rate Knotted.

Disbursement conditions of the Casino bonus

GOers taking advantage of a casino bonus should be careful when a payout is possible without the bonus. Many online casinos require a certain amount of envelope frequency. Frequently, casinos speak of a turnover frequency of "10x" or more, which means as much as: the bonus amount must be ten times used To enable a payout - if you collect a bonus of 100 euros, you have to make games with a total of 1,000 euros to achieve the frequency of use. Important are the following things:

  • Not all games contribute to the achievement of the turnover frequency.
  • In some cases, not only the bonus amount, but also the actual deposit be implemented.
  • Early payouts (before the turnover frequency has been reached) lead to the bonus.

The Casino Bonus should therefore be selected not only after the height, but also after the conditions, because there are quite serious differences between the online casinos.

❓ FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about Casino Bonus Conditions

The term playing involves a number that states that how often a player has to use a bonus before the profits from the bonus can be paid out. It can happen Poll To the Bonus amount, the deposit amount or the bonus and deposit amount Collapse. In most cases, a bonus is subject (For example, a welcome bonus) GO through. The Bonus must first be released for the payment.

Bonus money can be convert to real moneyby using real money for appropriately allowed games. This makes a bonus free. It is important that the Bonus requirements completely fulfilled are only then the Profit amount converted into real money can be. Only then can a payout be made.

a Standard request for the bonus conditions For example, it is that one Bonus amount in the casino again converted 35 times must become. This means that, for example, an amount of 100 euros (A fictional bonus amount) 35x must be played again. Only then are the profits from the bonus free And the bonus is considered through. Then the bonus money converted into real money and it can be paid.

Each bonus insert has a period of time. If the Bonus offered via an action will, then players have to Terms and Conditionsto find out the concrete expiration date. If no deadline is specified, then runs a standard bonus Mostly after seven days from. A Looking into the bonus conditions is importantbefore a deposit is made in the casino.

A free use in the casino is a possibility of one Use, without your own risk to do. The net profit of the mission can be paid out if a profit comes around. The Difference between a normal insert and a free use It is, however, that the use is not contributed by itself. The use can therefore not be refunded together with the profit when the player wins the use.