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The Internet is full with news and blog articles to start the new Diamond Best Casino & Resort. The new online casino offers a large amount of entertainment in the form of table games, slot machines and gameshows like the wheel of fortune and promises "life-changing profits" in the advertising slogan. It is interesting, however, that this internet game is an online casino in a video game - GTA 5 by Rockstar Games. Will online casinos in video games of the new hit of the next few years?

Was there already gambling in video games before this release?

There are no two opinions here - yes, Gambling is a big ingredient in almost every newer video game and will also be available in coming games in any form. It's about the first line to rinse more money with cosmetic content in games in the companies. These content can be unlocked with so-called "LootCrates". However, there is a drop chance for all items, much like the payout rate in an online casino. With a little luck you get a valuable or rare object - as in a real casino online.

Online casinos in permanent growth - game developer pursue the trend

Since the last decade, the gambling industry has boomed, which lies above all the big upswing of the online gambling. Online casinos are more popular than ever and attract thousands of new players from around the world every day. Almost daily new providers go to the start and explain the "old hare" such as the Tenderer online casino The competition.

The high interest in the gaming segment is mainly at the growth, which was able to record an incredible record of over 100 billion USD dollars alone. If we add the music and film industry as a comparative industry, we come far below this big sum. One of the main reasons for this increase is technological availability and further development. Never it was easier, in one mobile Best Casino GO with the phone or tablet.

The development has now been analyzed by the game developer Rockstar Games, perceived and converted into results. Since the opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort writes in GTA 5 Rockstar Games New records. Already at the opening day, the number of online players exceeded the average by far. According to first reviews, players enjoy the gambling in the virtual video game casino. Incidentally, it is played with so-called GTA dollars, which can also be bought for real money. However, there is no legal payout path for gained GTA dollars.

Over 50 countries lock access to the GTA online casino

Only 2 days after the publication of the DLC to the new GTA Best Casino have more than 50 countries, many of which can be blocked in Europe, such as Italy, Greece or France. The reason for this is that real money can only be set but not won. Thus, this does not comply with compliant regulations.

In Australia, the lock is currently inactive and players may use the fullest range of casinos - for us, this is honestly a bit surprising, as online casinos in Australia are generally classified as illegal. However, there is still no clear definition and thus the Current legal situation in Australia Do not clearly assess.

Will we see well-known online casinos in video games in the future?

According to our estimates, this is a unique event, because games like GTA are not many, with which the entire potential is very limited. Finally, there are a variety of games that do not allow the integration of a virtual online casinos.

This is likely to be clear that many providers will not lose the focus and focus on the expansion of a true online casinos.

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