Netent Live Roulette and variants

GOer Netent also relies relatively extensive live casino offer around. We looked at the boiler game as a live roulette pro and VIP roulette something more accurate and pull here a comparison to competitor evolution. Both game variants differ in the only marginal, which is why we take both variants in our paxist test.

What about the video quality and the camera settings? How does Netent enter the topic interface and usability? We go to these and other questions and also explain how this provider expires the setting functions and the placement of the special options. Which ones are the best NetEnt Best Casinos With the live offer of the developer?

Online gamebanks with Live Roulette Games of Netent 05/2021
Top Casinos rating Casino bonus advantages providers
Vulkanvegas Casino 5/5 To 1.000€* free spins, Top Support, many actions, many providers GO
Casinoin Casino. 5/5 To 200€* bitcoin casino, good games provider, Top Live Casino GO
Boom Casino 4/5 To 500€* viele slots, Jackpot games, blackjack & roulette GO
Kingbilly Casino 5/5 To 1.000€* 200 Free Spins, many payment methods, top bonuses GO
N1 Casino 5/5 To 400€* Live Casino, table games, many payment methods GO
Lucky Days Casino 4/5 To 1.000€* many slot games, staggered bonus, many Free Spins GO
Mr. Bit Casino 5/5 To 500€* video poker spiele, Live Roulette & blackjack tische GO
Mine 5/5 To 333€* serious provider, over 1,000 slots, VIP Bonus GO
Me casino 5/5 To 200€* malta license, 200% bonus, Live Casino GO
Voodoo Dreams Casino 5/5 To 100€* Progressive Jackpots, Tischspiele, Live Dealer Games GO
* For all bonus offers, the terms and conditions of the respective provider apply. Click on "Enter" to learn more about the bonus conditions. Last updated from Administrator, 23.11.2023.

NetEnt Live Roulette Pro & VIP Roulette Casinos und Limits

game Casino Limits
NetEnt Roulette Pro Live Leoves 5€ – 100.000€
NetEnt Roulette Pro Live Lapalingo 5€ – 100.000€
NetEnt Roulette Pro Live Invoice 1€ – 100.000€
NetEnt VIP Roulette Live Leoves 1€ – 75.000€
NetEnt VIP Roulette Live Lapalingo 1€ – 75.000€
NetEnt VIP Roulette Live Invoice 1€ – 75.000€

The table shows which providers have the games described here in the portfolio. Based on the limits, the right online casino can be selected for each budget. For example, high scooters feature highly due to high missions (up to € 100,000 per turn) in the live casino area.

Desktop version of Netent Live Roulette Pro & Vip Live Roulette

In terms of design concept and construction, the Netent Live Roulette Pro & VIP Live Roulette differs only in minimal points. Both offers find identical set options. Under the LiveStream window, both the racetrack and the tableau is displayed in the middle. Right next to it is a statistics display.

Just like competitor Evolution, players vary the number of neighbors on the racetrack over "distribution +/-". Clicking on the corresponding special option places the previously selected chip value.

In the middle Sits the tableau on which all possible set options such as the zero are shown. The Tableau does not differ from the offer at Evolution and is also equally operated. Thanks to the clear font on the different areas, the possible set options are easy to understand and need no explanation.

On the right, players find one Statistics. As a special feature and difference to the competitor would be Favorites option to call. Here, anyone can store certain deployment and setting options for themselves. This has the advantage that only one click is needed to place a use on a field. Quite practical, for example, just in chat leads a conversation.

A simple click on a chip enabled this. Now clicks an option on the tableau or the racetrack, play players with the previously selected chip value to the option. A renewed click places an identical chip on the same option.

With "insert x2" the current BET can be doubled and with "undo" are reversed. With the "Remove" button all inserts can be deleted for this round. Just the Favorites feature differs from the competitor evolution.

Differences between VIP Roulette & Live Roulette and Netent

The croupiers are friendly and entertained English. About a chat can be communicated with this. In terms of setting options, players only select the desired video quality and audio quality. That was already at individual recruitment options and personalization functions.

The Sharing-regel Both the Live Roulette Pro and Live Roulette VIP is not supported by Netent. In addition to the identical structure of the design concept and the usability, this is another commonality of the two roulette variants of Netent. Basically, the two Netent offers in the offered limits differ. Otherwise everything is identical here.

  • Uniform design and presentation
  • Meaningful statistics display

Hot Numbers/Statistiken:

One of the views shows the set options on red, black, zero, straight, odd, 1-18,19-36, Col 1-3 and 1st 12 and 2nd 12 and 3rd 12 as statistical beams. Over this is Percentage values that specify the frequency of draw.

Furthermore, the second view shows a virtual boiler, which summarizes the previous profits and represents as a diagram. About the number values are the frequencies as often they have been drawn.

To the right, the most frequently drawn numbers are displayed under the symbol with the flame. The symbol with the star shows the rarest drawn numbers.

Netent Live Roulette Pro & Vip Roulette on smartphone or tablet

Of course, the two roulette offers can also be played on a mobile device such as the smartphone or tablet. Both at VIP and Pro Roulette there are here minor restrictions. They refer to the setting options over the racetrack. These can not be displayed on the small mobile view.

Here, the great quality of evolution can be seen, because the competitor offers a perfect overview with special views for the smartphone and tablet.

The LiveStream window displays the tableau. To be able to display this completely, must be scrolled down.

As can be seen in the pictures, this was solved only suboptimally, since there are thus missions that were placed in the upper part of the Tableau from the viewing window. Remedy creates the landscape view.

Setting and selecting a chip value is identical to the desktop version. Instead of a mouse click is typed on the touchscreen. After selecting the chip value, a renewed click on the tableau places the chip value.

However, if you compare the live offer with the special new immersive view of evolution, then worlds are already worldwide between the offers. Competitor Evolution now sets here to an interactive display. Depending on which element (boiler, race track, tableau, etc.) is just important, this is displayed enlarged. The display changes interactively between the most important game elements, so to speak.

Conclusion: Well implemented with air upwards

As we have mentioned several times in our guide, we like to compare the offer with the market leader for live games in the online casino. Only in this way can you find Pros and Cons on both sides. For example, Netent impressed us with the truly detailed and clear statistics advertisements. With game inserts between 1 € and € 100,000 per game, each player area is covered.

In terms of mobile implementation, improvements still have to arrive. Here, for example, the immersive view of evolution may be crucial in which provider is played.


  • Many missions
  • Good concept & design
  • Detailed statistics
  • Clear in desktop version
  • Available in many online casinos


  • Mobile representation with defects
  • No HD transmission